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Antarctica (Marie Byrd Land)


On this page you will find a map of Antarctica (Marie Byrd Land) and some information about the country. The map is a detail of a Map of the World published by Planet Poster Editons in Germany.


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Map of Antarctica (Marie Byrd Land)


Map of Antarctica (Marie Byrd Land) with surrounding areas. - Landkarte von Antarktis (Marie Byrd-Land). - Mapa de la Antárctica (Tierra María Byrd). - Carte d'Antarctique (Terre Marie Byrd).


South of 60 degrees southern latitude, no territorial claims are internationally recognized according to the Antarctic Treaty - Antarctica belongs to the penguins.
The Antarctic continent is at present nearly totally covered by ice, but only since a few million years ago. Antarctica is nearly twice the size of Australia and not much smaller than South America. Because Antarctica is so large and the names of the localities would otherwise not be readable, we have subdivided the continent into several maps.
Enderby Land is that part of Antarctica facing the Pacific Ocean. This part shows Ellsworth Land, Peter I Island, Thurston, Burke, Amundsen Sea, Carney, Siple, Getz Ice Shelf, Marie Byrd Land, Ross Ice Shelf with the islands of Crary, Roosevelt and Ross. We are dealing with one of the least well researched regions of the planet and with the only section of land that is not claimed by any country. There are no permanent research stations in this region, only at the margin of the Ross Ice Shelf at the margin of this map there are some research stations (see the map of Victoria Land).
There must exist some emperor penguin colonies in the winter season in the region of Marie Byrd Land, but their locations are still unknown. Emperor penguins breed in the winter season, when people rarely get outside their research stations.


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This is our Map of the World with original scripts (original size 70 x 100 cm), from which the detailed map shown above has been cut out. The numbers of city inhabitants and vegetational zones were researched by hand for every country, by using the sources listed below. This procedure prevented the map from containing traditional errors provoked by simply copying such information from previous maps.

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The vegetational base map was aligned with satellite pictures from Google Earth.

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